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A spacious umbrella stroller with taller handles

Libby • 15 Feb 2023


Thank you for answering all my questions so far on strollers! My latest issue is - my 2 and a half year old loves being in a umbrella stroller - it's the only one she willing climbs into and doesn't complain. The one we have is a Maclaren Quest (10 years old approx, denim edition) and the problem is the seat is quite narrow for our above average sized toddler. Do all umbrella strollers have similar sized seats or is it worth looking at a different model? I need high handle height too - the Quest is an ok height.

Thank you!

Eli • 15 Feb 2023

Hey, Libby,

Each stroller, and each umbrella strollerv - is different, so you do get narrow, wider, taler seatbacks, shorter... all kinds. The Maclarens are actually in the more spacious side, especially backrest-wise - and if you find the Quest narrow for you and your little one, check the Techno XLR - a wider, super spacious model (but also larger overall). Also, tall handles with positioning even.

On the other hand, most umbrella buggies have shorter handles, so if you'll be changing brands, do try the stroller beforehand, as you may get a bit lower ones. I will suggest checking the Peg-Perego Si (second-hand]] for room for the child (but a tad lower handles), too, and also the Koestra Simba T4 which is simple, not too fancy padding-wise, but roomy, and with super tall handles (109 cm).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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