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A spacious stroller for a tall child after our outgrown iCandy

Holly • 07 Mar 2023


We are looking for a pushchair for our little boy who has outgrown our iCandy Lime height wise. I say little he's actually very tall and heavy and at 17 months already weighs 14kg and in 2-3 clothes.

We would like something lighter and smaller folding than our iCandy and something that will last him a while. We live in a town, but do a fair bit of walking in the pram, so don't want anything that has absolutely no suspension, but equally we don't go on rough terrain, mainly pavements, parks etc.

I'm finding it hard to find something that fits our criteria with a higher backrest of 48cm of our iCandy, but something that is lighter and a bit more compact to transport as well.


Eli • 08 Mar 2023

Hey, Holly,

First it is good to know that not only the backrest height is a factor here - even the same height would fit with a non-reversible pushchair that would have the hook higher up, I believe. I would definitely check just forward-facing pushchairs with a similar or slightly higher backrest as there aren't many with a crazy higher backrest anyway (about 53-56 cm is the maximum really, and those are quite large usually). My suggestion would be a Baby Jogger City Mini2 or a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 which is super spacious and not too heavy, quick- and flat-folding - a practical versatile stroller that will last.

Apart from that, check also the Oyster Zero that, for me, fit a 3.5yo just fine - nice and spacious and light. Lastly, the ABC Design Avus or the Valco Snap Trend with the inflatable Sport wheels could work very nice as they are very very spacious.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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