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A spacious stroller for a 3-year-old

Tara • 03 Jun 2022


I'm looking for some help in finding a stoller for my 3 year old toddler who still gets tired when we do days out. She's quite tall and we have already purchased one that we had to sell with her being too big for it. Ideally with an adjustable handle.

Thank you. Tara x

Eli • 03 Jun 2022

Hi, Tara,

You will need a larger pushchair to accommodate a 3 years old. I suggest looking at the Baby Jogger City Mini, Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, Baby Jogger City Elite, the Valco Trend, Britax B-Motion Plus, or maybe an Oyster Zero. Even if they might seem more expensive, they can be bought second-hand, you won't be using them for 5 more years. Affordable options would include the [[kinderkraft-grande-lx|Kinderkraft Grande], for example, but the push is a bit worse with a cheaper pushchair.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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