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A spacious pushchair for a larger toddler that will last

Ivana • 27 Apr 2023


We curently have iCandy Lime stroller but our child at the age of 1 year has outgrew it and we are looking into new one. He is 83cm long and has over 12kg.

We would like to buy stroller that has long seating area (specifically for the back) so that he doesn't outgrow it againg very soon. He sleeps in it by day, so it is essential to us for as long as they can be.

What we found is Mast M4x.

Is there any other?

Eli • 27 Apr 2023

Hey, Ivana,

The Mast M4 is definitely a strroller with a longer seat, so if you're ok with the design and the urban, not too all-terrain wheels, it is definitely not a bad option.

Apart from that, definitely look at the Valco Trend which is incredibly spacious, with a long, huge seat space. The Britax B-Motion Plus is also very very roomy, good for a toddler, and will last you well (just it is not so upright).

I will also mention the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 or the Baby Jogger City Elite 2 which are super spacious, and then the Oyster Zero which is exceptionally wide and although not as long as the others, very spacious anyway - I could fit two of my sons in it at the same time.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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