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A spacious, lightweight pushchair with sturdy leg rest, high weight capacity, and a lie-flat position..?

Francis • 27 Aug 2021

Dear Eli,

My boy is quite large, at 10 months he is 13 kgs and 82 cm. Now we have a Joie Chrome DLX, it's super comfortable for him (he likes the seat, the leg support is important for him, the flat position for sleeping, the large canopy). I love this pushchair to bits too, my only problem is that its heavy to lift (with baby right now it's 26 kgs at minimum plus his stuff + shopping stuff, so nearly 30 kgs and it will be more with time).

Im looking for a lighter, spacey, easy to fold buggy for him which can be flattened to sleeping position, have large canopy and have the leg rest part. For me, the ease of folding and the eva foam wheels are important.

Do u have any ideas? I think we need one with 22 kg or 25 kg weight limit.



P.S: (buggies with soft leg part, like most umbrella buggies are out of interest, we bought a beautiful Cosatto Supa and he hates it:((()

Eli • 30 Aug 2021

Heya, Fani,

For you, I would most certainly suggest a Baby Jogger City Mini2 or a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 because of the large seat, adjustable leg rest in the second generation, and a high quality that really lasts as well as can be sold easier later on. It does fold with one hand so it should fit your lifestyle well. I do get that it's not the cheapest pushchair, however, so I will give you more recommendations.

My next suggestion would be an Babystyle Oyster Zero that features a VERY wide seat with plenty of space to the canopy, a VERY large sun canopy with a sun visor, and can take at least 20 kg in the seat. I occasionally used it for two kids at once (30kg+) because of the wide seat and a need to have both sons in the stroller for a while 😄

Moving on, an ABC Design Okini or a Gesslein S4 Air are also good options if they're available around you. From the smaller one, a TFK Dot 2 would probably be my choice (or a pre-owned Baby Jogger City Mini Zip).

Aaand if a very cheap one is needed, you might be happy with a [kinderkraft-grande-lx|Kinderkraft Grande LX]]. I mean, klinderkraft strollers are truly on the simpler side, but this one is really roomy and should withstand your stroller priorities well enough.

Hope I helped! I just ask for one thing: could you give us two minutes and review (a few words - a short review is more than enough) the two strollers you say you have? You would help other parents with your personal experience. So so here:

add a Joie Chrome DLX review

add a Cosatto Supa review

Thank you so much, and good luck! ❤️

Your -very berry- Eli.

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