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A spacious, high weight capacity pushchair for a 1-meter 2 years old

Soph • 06 Apr 2022

Hey Eli,

I am really struggling to find a stroller to suit all my needs.

I am after a stroller for my 2 year old - he is a big boy at just under 17 kg and just under 1 meter tall.

I am also tall so a stroller with an extendable handlebar is a must for me.

I would like a stroller ideally up to 22 kg-25 kg weight, I'd like a big basket, and we go for lots of walks in all sorts of terrain, so wheels that don't get stuck pref in a little mud! (I currently have a Mamas & Papas Flip XT2 which I am donating to my best friend). Ideally a stroller that doesn't weigh as much as my child - they can be SO heavy - but I know I can't have it all!

I like the look of the Joolz Aer but the handle bar doesn't adjust :(.

I am not too worried about cost as long as it is under £1000.

Thank youuuuu!

Soph x

Eli • 06 Apr 2022

Hi, Soph!

Watch out, as the only example of what you were thinking about, the Aer, is absolutely not something I would have suggested even if it had a better handlebar. This is an ultracompact stroller meaning an occasional buggy for traveling and use around shops, etc., meaning not what you say you need: a versatile, spacious, different-terrains pushchair. So read this article about ultracompact strollers and why not to get one for your case, and let's move on to what you really need.

I would strongly suggest a mid-size lightweight forward-facing stroller, as you need space for a 1-meter, 17 kg child, and that won't do with anything small. My own choice here would be a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2. A quality stroller with a very nice manipulation, about 10 kg, space even for a 4 years old, and folds flat and compact enough for such a roomy buggy. This would actually be my first choice.

Apart from that, check the Valco Snap Trend as there as super-spacious and light-enough pushchairs that will last. I, however, like the quality of the Baby Jogger more.

Lastly, look at ABC Design Avus. Sleek, spacious, I would definitely consider it.

I hope I helped. I was looking at your child's comfort and space for him while suggesting something of quality. There are cheaper and smaller models, but they are, well, really cheaper in the feel and push, and smaller in terms of seat space, too. So I told you what I personally would look at.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.