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A spacious four-wheeled stroller for a 5mo and walks + shopping

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Alison Hunter • 12 Jul 2022


I am looking for a stroller for age 5 months, our baby is about 18lbs currently but very long and I feel he needs much more room width wise. I don't want a three-wheeled one. We like to go for walks and shopping.

Eli • 12 Jul 2022

Hi, Alison,

For walks and shopping, and a wider stroller seat, pretty much any forward-facing lighter four-wheeler would do, as regular walks and shopping trips don't require much terrain performance, they mostly need a small-ish fold and a lighter weight. The Oyster Zero is super light and very, VERY wide in the seat - I actually put two of my sons at the same time in the seat, so that would be one of my suggestions. A Valco Baby Trend should also work well, and it is very very spacious, wide as well as long in the sitting area. From the more affordable ones, the Kinderkraft Grande could work for you, too, as it is quite a spacious pushchair.

All of the reversible.seaters I would actually not go for as they will be narrower and shorter in the seat, so for longevity, endure those few weeks you'd prefer a reversible pushchair and enjoy those after that when the pushchair will be spacious enough for your little big one. ^_^

Your -very berry- Eli.

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