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A spacious (96+ cm), upright, reversible stroller with an adjustable handle

Elizabeth • 21 May 2023

I need a stroller with a long bed place 96 cm or more. For stroller to be folded with one hand, with shock absorption, with a window for ventilation, so that you can make the backrest vertically like Cybex Talos or Priam 4 models. It is desirable that the seat can be rearranged facing me and facing the opposite, OR to have a flip handle. Cybex Priam 4 is not considered because there is a super-narrow seat. Britax B-Motion 4 Plus suits mostly but the downside is that it is not supporting side rearrange and the handle is not thrown, and it does not have a straight back, as in Cybex, the back is always slightly tilted to the back side.

Can you help?

Eli • 22 May 2023

Hey, Elizabeth,

Watch out for your priorities. You want quite a lot from your stroller. A reversible, parent-facing stroller will ALWAYS be smaller, so even if you'd find a 96+ cm long seat surface, it will make the stroler large, and also not as spacious as e.g. the B-Motion as the whole is narrower and the hood right above the backrest - so still it will only fit smaller kids.

Personally I would EITHER want a reversible stroller with an upright seat, and go for the Talos for example, as that has 2 priorities checked. OR I would want to go for the spacious, long seat and would go for a forward-facing stroller only, which will though mean, for most strollers, a more slanted, not so upright seat and also no reversibility.

You cannot have everything in one stroller, just as you cannot have all the features in one car, or like a washer and a dries separately work MUCH better than 1-has-all solutions. You need to have 1-2 priorities and the rest should be a compromise.

I really liked the Quinny Hubb's seat space, and they were not so slanted. But it's not available everywhere and it's also rather bulky.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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