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A smaller, sturdy pram with a lot of storage

Alexandra • 05 Jul 2023


You kindly answered me earlier - I need to add more detail. You recommended me the City Elite as good for city and more rough terrain.

I didn’t explain that I live on 1st floor Flat. I can leave the pram downstairs... communal area... I think a very big sporty one might annoy the neighbours…? I also don’t want one I need to fold up on bus …as I’m on and off buses all day and my 18 mo old son often sleeps in pram.

What I mainly want is light but sturdy, loads storage for shopping and also does ok in park/woods if needed!!

Eli • 05 Jul 2023

Hey, Alexandra,

Another one from what I suggested in your previous question would work nicely for that, I believe - the Valco Trend Sport which is light and can do some woody terrain with those inflatable wheels. I also mentioned the Peg-Pérego Book Scout for storage.

The Joie Mytrax could work too, but its seating area is much smaller than the Valco's. Definitely consider the City Mini GT2 as an option too, it is a three-wheeler but not too long, and rather compact for what it can do - but yeah, the access to the basket is limited.

I don't think you will get a huge basket and a small stroller and even terrain capability - a huge basket and terrain means some size of the stroller. I hope I helped.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.