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A smaller stroller for errands and a full-size stroller with a supportive backrest and a lever or buttong for recline (+ kind of walls)

Morgan • 08 Aug 2023

Hi Eli!

I can't find a stroller I like! For a full-size, we have the Bumbleride Era, which pushes like a dream but I can't STAND the recline - that strap! I need a level or a button for recline. I also feel the back isn't supportive at all, just thin fabric.

For in and out of the car, we have a Nuna Triv Next, but again, the back is very flimsy and my 8 month old is in a C-curve the whole time she's in it. I also don't like that the Triv doesn't have "walls." I feel like my baby is just lying out on the platform.

I'm looking for both a smaller stroller for errands and a full-size stroller, both of which have more structure or support than a fabric back, and both of which have a lever or button for recline, and some semblance of walls. No budget!

Eli • 08 Aug 2023

Hey, Morgan,

I have to start with the fact that quite few strollers with a lever recline also have "walls" after reclining the seat. If by full-sized you also mean reversible, it's even harder then - most reversibles move with the canopy and there's no "walls" - with the exception of your Era and the Valco Ultra Trend, and perhaps the Britax Go / Go Next / Go Big series, all of which also recline with a strap.

My best suggestion will probably be the Baby Jogger City Sights, which has a bucket-like seat, which created a bit of side protection, and a very nice backrest angle and firmness. Similarly, the Uppababy Vista or Uppababy Cruz will work like that.

For your travel stroller, check the Chiccop Goody+ or the leclerc Influencer which recline with a lever, and not too many travel-sized models do! Though, if you meant a bit larger models, be sure to look at the Joie Litetrax or Mytrax line, or also the Mamas&Papas Armadillo Flip XT 3 (or any of the Armadillo Flip = reversible models).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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