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A smaller pushchair for our 14mo, traveling to Italy and rougher terrain as well

Tabby • 25 Aug 2022


We're going on holiday to Italy soon so are looking for the ideal stroller to take with us. We will of course also use it at home. we currently have a Bugaboo Fox 2 which we love, but it's massive so would like something else that's considerable smaller and easier to put away/get out. We live near a local park so handling rough terrain is a must for us. Our daughter is average height and weight for 14 months. We have a budget of ideally under £100 but could stretch to £150.

Many thanks!

Eli • 25 Aug 2022

Hi, Tabby,

With such a budget while needing something that can handle rough terrain and a growing toddler, you should definitely think pre-owned, second-hand model. I mean, if you get something light-ish, small-ish for about 100, it will be a rattle and definitely not a terrain-capable pushchair. And overall, the smaller you get, especially in terms of wheels, the less terrain you will be comfortable on; this is important to acknowledge.

My personal suggestion would be a pre-loved Baby Jogger City Mini GT which, even in the first gen, is spacious, flat-folding, and superb on bumps too. I would also check something like the Valco Snap Sport with the inflatable wheels, or maybe something in the likes of the Joue Litetrax Air. A TFK Dot 2 os probably the smalles terrain-capable buggy, though this model is not available everywhere.

I know it is tough to look at used strollers but in this case especially, I would really not recommend a cheap new one - you'll feel it too much.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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