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A smaller, budget-friendly pram with an upright seat for rockier terrain as well

Lianne • 19 Jul 2023


I'm looking for a new pram for my daughter. I hope you can help as I've looked at about 1000 options and I'm at a loss.

Budget : Ideally £150-£250 max £400 but only if meets mostly all criteria.

Area: I live in a city, but I do want bigger wheels for more rocky terrain like park walks ect.

Type of pram: I'd like the pram slimline as I'm only 5ft 1 myself so a smaller pram suits me, I don't like anything too bulky. I want one I can fit into a boot and folds down not too heavy.

Parent and world facing is ideal but happy to look at world facing too.

Musts: Be able to sit upright and not on a slight incline as my daughter loves to see the world.
Good sized hood for sun and rain. Must be comfortable. I'd like the bar to remove if possible.

I like the look of Britax Römer B-AGILE M Pushchair in black but on some reviews some said it was bulky and I don't think it sits fully upright.

I hope you can find some options.

Best wishes

Eli • 20 Jul 2023

Hey, Lianne,

You are right, the B-Agile M doesn't sit fully upright, and it also is rather hard, suspension-wise, much more for the city, as rocks and bumps will shake it quite some.

Personally, I thought of the Joie Versatrax however it is not that small - compact. I mean, overall it will be the smaller/lighter (and also the cheaper) it is, the less upright it will be, and also the less terrain capable.

I would try to prioritize either the all-terrainness, the lightness/compactness, OR the uprightness, as all three, for a lower price even, won't totally work. Actually, they are very hard to find even on premium prams.

Also look at the Cybex Eezy S+2 for a bit larger wheels but still a super small fold, the Joie Mytrax for larger wheels, the ABC Design Avus for a more upright seat, the Per-Perego Booklet, a pre-owned Baby Jogger CIty MIni GT for terrain capability and super flat fold... and then think about reversible models like the Versatrax or the Cybex Balios S which WILL be heavier (the better at terrain, thee even more heavy) and bulkier but more upright and reversible.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.