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A small second stroller for everyday use after a full-size system

Mastaneh • 12 Dec 2022

Dear Eli,

I have a 16-month-old son, so far we have been using the KinderKraft Prime Lite stroller and I was very satisfied with the carriage on the most of terrain. My child felt comfortable (even on the wood's roads). But due to the fact that it is difficult to fold the stroller and put it in the trunk of the car, and also for traveling by train and plane, we decided to prepare a lighter travel stroller that, in addition to being comfortable to sit and lie down, has a stable frame and be light and compact. Since my son does not walk independently yet and spends most of his time outside in a stroller, it is very important for me to have a comfortable place to sit and sleep.

Probably, the second stroller will be used more during the trip, but I would like to replace it with an everyday stroller if possible.

I checked a lot of strollers and found that in the middle range, most of the strollers' skeletons are weak and unstable and have a small seat (such as Chicco We, Maxi Cosi Lara2, and Hauck Colibri and Travel N care). With the increase in budget, I came across an Easy-walker Jacky XL stroller that has bigger rear wheels and the seat is a good size, but at the same time it is light and compact.

I also liked the Yo Yo, but first of all, it costs a lot for the second stroller, and in addition, the footrest, the transport bag, and the bumper bar must be prepared as accessories. which increases the cost again.

Another option was Bugaboo Butterfly, which has a high price but has a large and comfortable seat. But it was rejected because of the cost.

And the ErgoBaby Metro+ stroller, which despite its average price is high and was a competitor for Easy Walker. Compared to it, it has a smaller seat and wheels, and only the front wheels have a suspension system. Therefore, this option was also rejected.

I would be happy to know your opinion about this.
Best regards

Eli • 13 Dec 2022

Hi, Mastaneh,

I will probably disappoint you but I have to say it - all the strollers you mentioned as your possible options are occasional-use travel buggies, meaning, if you can imagine it, a feeling like you went from a jeep (your Prime Lite]] to a golf cart in terms of feel of use. They are actually super small - not too spacious, especially, they are narrower and with shorter seatbacks and canopy, but also they are looser, rattly (the Hauck Colibri, for example, will feel like a toy that has been overused after a few months of real use), and also, slanted - the seat will not be upright at all (with the Yoyo for example, this will be even worse).

Don't expect them to perform well, they are best for traveling, shopping, smooth surfaces, and all else will be much less comfortable. With such strollers, more money is better, meaning at least the frame will be studied, so I personally would definitely not go for a cheaper buggy like that, it will become a pain in the end. Sorry for the honesty but it is so important to say this.

If I had to choose from these, I personally would check a pre-owned Joolz Aer, or perhaps the Ergobaby Metro Plus simply because of that stronger frame. The Jackey XL could work for you, but it is also very slanted in the backrest area, and it is larger folded because of the wheels so it won't be able to be taken on board of a plane as cabin luggage, you should know that.

I would, however, much rather go fro a lightweight mid-size pushchair that would be spacious enough, good for everyday use, and would fold flat. That way you won't take from your nor the little one's comfort. Strollers like Oyster Zero, Valco Snap 4, ABC Design Avus, Gesslein S4 would work so much better on different terrains and uses and would not make your baby sit in a half-sitting position in a narrow seat.

Definitely think about it, I understand you want something smaller but you're kin of going from one extreme (large) to another (the smallest you can get). And you will definitely feel that difference.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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