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A small folding pushchair for all terrain that is fairly budget friendly?

Paige • 04 Mar 2023


I was wondering if you could recommend a small folding pushchair that is good on all terrain but is fairly budget in price?

Eli • 04 Mar 2023

Hi, Paige,

The better the stroller will be for all terrain the larger it would be, this is important to remember, A small folding one will always mean a compromise on that.

That being said, I would go for forward-facing only model which will make the fold thinner, smaller. The smallest I can think of, but not available in all countries is the TFK Dot 2, though I would definitely recommend the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 as a very nice model for such a use. If that is not really budget friendly, I understand, though you could always go for a pre-owned one, or a second-hand 1st generation of it. It will serve you well.

Also check the Joie Litetrax Air or the Valco Snap SPORT with inflatable wheels to be ok on uneven surfaces reasonably well for the price. I would not go for anything smaller than this if you truly mean all terrains.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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