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A small, easy to use while comfortable and durable stroller. Nuna Pepp, or something else..?

Mused • 21 Jan 2023


I am looking a stroller. I would like to ask you a suggestion for the stroller. Currently, the closest recommendation in terms of price and performance is the Nuna Peep. Around this budget (maybe a little higher), are there any alternative products you can recommend?

My expectations:
- Small and easy to use
- Comfortable and durable


Eli • 22 Jan 2023

Hiya, Mused,

Actually, for something small but sturdy, the Nuna Pepp (Next is a very nice choice. It is nimble, but with the chunky wheels, it can withstand more than one would expect.

The only similar, versatile model I can think of is the TFK Dot2.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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