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A small, easy fold stroller that I can use everyday

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Sophia • 26 Aug 2022


I own a Upperbaby Vista and a Dhoona. My 12 month old is starting to get snug for the Doona and the vista is so big for my everyday use. (I have to do school runs where I drive half way and then walk the rest so want something easy and quick to fold up and down).

I want a small, easy fold solid stroller that I can use for school runs, parks, shopping etc. I want it to be able to handle grass, park terrain, cracked pavements.

I have driven myself nuts with research and just feel so lost as I don't want to choose the wrong stroller.

At first, I thought of the Nubi Kindercraft or Cybex Beezy, but I don't want a short backrest.

I am really unsure about what to do? I just don't want a stroller that folds up anywhere near the size if my Vista as it wakes up so much boot space.

I love the travel stroller sizes but want something that can be used every day and as close to a travel size as possible.

I am sorry for rambling on, but can you recommend something that fits my use please?

Many thanks

Eli • 27 Aug 2022

Hiya, Sophia,

I have to say all the parents are now crazy about travel strollers (more about those here), though they tend to forget they're travel strollers - occasional use, smooth surfaces "airport" strollers that are not meant to handle every day.

From those, only two kind of fit what you need - the Bugaboo Butterfly and the Joolz Aer which have a better, sturdier chassis while a tall backrest. So if from those, these are your best options - yes, I know they're not budget strollers. But think about it, you want an EVERYDAY tool, so you might as well invest in it (you also wouldn't get a Nokia 3310 for your everyday use, you maybe have an iPhone or a good Samsung, higher class Android... - as it is an EVERYDAY tool).

Apart from that, I would move to a bit larger strollers - I mean, an Uppababy Vista is huge. Almost everything is smaller. So a mid-size, flat folding forward-facing model will be considerably smaller while spacious, better to push everyday, and so much more comfortable for your little one (you too, btw). I am talking about pushchairs like Oyster Zero, Valco Baby Snap (Sport with inflatable wheels) could also work, or better yet, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 (even pre-owned will still work well for you and save money)... This is the size you should aim for with an everyday stroller.

The smallest in that category could be a Baby Jogger City Mini Zip not really sold anymore these days) or the TFK Dot 2 (not really available everywhere) so also checking for those online and in classifieds might be a good idea.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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