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A shortlist of pushchairs for a four yours old child

Vicky • 15 Apr 2022


Could you short list 4yo strollers that are « almost light » and « almost compact»? Also, I’m looking at the used market and I was wondering if the BabyJogger City Mini GT (1) is as good as a choice than its newest version.

Thank u!

Eli • 15 Apr 2022

Hi Vicky!

I'll start at the end - with the City Mini GT 1, which, YES, is as good a choice. The mani difference in features is the non-adjustable leg rest, which you don't really need with a 4 years old.

My next suggestions for you will be the Britax B-Motion Plus, the Valco Snap Trend, and the Baby Jogger City Elite - simply because of the seat space and not a heavy weight.

I personally would go with a Baby Jogger ;-).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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