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A shorter (when folded) pushchair for a tall 3yo and a short mum

Tallboy • 13 Apr 2023

Hello, this website is fantastic!

We currently have a Silver Cross Reflex that is slightly too long for my boot. Little one not long turned 3, 104cm. Sitting, he is around 54cm.

Finding it hard to find something he fits in! We went to a shop that stocks a few pushchairs and he was too tall for all of them. I'm 4ft 11 so needs a short or adjusting handle bar and he likes to be upright.

Ideally would like it to be under £300.

Eli • 13 Apr 2023

Hello, and. thanks!

Well, I almost always recommend a [[baby-jogger-city-mini-gt2|Baby Jogger City Mini GT2[[ for really tall kids. It is NOT completely upright, but I think your priority with such a toddler should be the room, as now you really don't have much to choose from. The BJCMGT2 is super spacious and definitely will last you nicely, even if perhaps not the cheapest. Also check pre-owned ones, the older generation is just as goof for a 3yo.

Another option would be the super wise but light Oyster Zero (or Gravity) which I think you could try for sure. No adjustable handle but not crazy high either.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.