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A rubber-wheeled from-birth stroller system for bumpy roads

Carrie • 08 Jun 2022


Firstly, thanks so much for providing this service!! I've only been looking into prams / travel systems recently and my head is spinning. It's very confusing especially the Joie range so it's great you let the reader know what carry cot/car seat can be attached to the frame with certain attachments.

I'm expecting my first baby and I'm looking for a buggy with rubber wheels. I don't run but Irish country roads wouldn't be the smoothest and I like to walk in nature trails/forest trails. If you could let me know of a buggy with good reviews, perhaps ones in different price ranges, and also what carrycot/car seats can be used with it?

This would be so helpful and thanks again for the service you provide!!

Kind regards,

Eli • 09 Jun 2022

Hiya, Carrie!

Are we still in the Joie range of strollers? If so, my advice will definitely be either the Joie Finiti, Joie Aeria, or even the Versatrax. I mean, those are the latest additions, and all fi the same Ramble XL carrycot which is basic but just fine. They offer a nice price-performance ratio while having ok wheels even for bumps, even though they are not all-terrain beasts, I must tell you that.

If you would be willing to check classifieds and are not opposed to a larger model, my own choice here would totally 100% be the Britax Go Big2 with any of the Go/Go Next/Go Big carrycots as they all fit to all models, and this pram is simply beautiful to push, spacious, and just fantastic in rocking as well as terrain. Not a small one, though, and not sold much anymore, but sooo comfy! Seriously, even I would get this pre-owned just to have it for conditions you are describing.

I would also think of a non-reversible-seat pram if you have worse roads around, and like to go on trails, as those are actually a challenge for a stroller. I personally would check the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 with City Mini 2/GT2 Black carrycot. Again, not a budget choice, but you can always check pre-owned strollers as this is a very high-quality one.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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