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A roomy, upright-enough buggy for a tall 2yo (with a 25kg weight capacity)

AWR • 24 Jun 2021

I’m looking for a new stroller for my nearly 2 yr old who is quite tall. I’d like a fold flat stroller that goes up to 25kg - what would you recommend? I’ve seen the Cosatto Woosh xl but concerned that it doesn’t sit upright. I currently have a Bugaboo Ant but don’t get on with it! This is to be used in a day to day basis, shopping, walks round the park etc.


Eli • 24 Jun 2021


If you don't get on with the Bugaboo Ant, I would most certainly not look for an ultracompact. Even more so if your requirement is everyday use and a high seat capacity (and the seat needs to be large to accommodate a 25kg child! Even if a small buggy states a high weight capacity, it might not be enough! The Cosatto Whoosh being a living example of that, and yes, it is not an upright stroller at all).

For a tall toddler, do look for a larger seat surface buggy - something like a Baby Jogger City Mini 2 or a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2. These would be my first choices. A Thule Spring might work as well, or check the Uppababy Minu. You will need quality and a good brand to endure high weight, all kinds of use, and to have ample space for your big little one. 😊

P.S. If the stroller really really REALLY needs to be a small one, do check the Joolz Aer, its backrest is very high, considering.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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