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A roomy, budget stroller for a 2 years old

Fattie • 19 Jun 2022

Roomy budget stroller for my 2 yr old (compact preferably) - I am looking for a stroller for my toddler who is 88cm already, so I need to make sure I get something that can last longer but also needs to be within budget and not to expensive. Suggestions please?

Eli • 20 Jun 2022

Hey there,

I would definitely look at the Kinderlraft Grande as that is one roomy budget stroller. A new or pre-owned Valco Trend or a Britax B-Motion Plus will also accommodate a larger toddler, and so would a more expensive (but always possible to get used) Baby Jogger City Mini GT.

My suggestion would rather be to get a pre-loved pushchair of a quality brand than a new cheap one, as with the weight and size of the child, you'll need a well-made frame. Remember, the cheaper the new stroller, the less was spent on good materials, details and nice features. But you can do OK with the Grande/Grande LX, of course.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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