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A review of the Cybex Melio Carbon

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eli & vii
Ivanna • 02 Oct 2022

Can you make a review of the [[cybex-melio|Cybex Melio Carbon? thanks!

Eli • 02 Oct 2022


If you mean a full, in-depth review, I am not completely planning on that at the moment, though I can sum up a bit of what I feel like about the stroller.

The Melio is pretty much a "cheaper" version of the Cybex Mios, which I actually really like, as because of the wheels setup, it is pretty stable and sturdy, and has a nice suspension plus a nicely sized seat. These two assets of the Mios suffered in the Melio; however, as, as I said, they made it to be cheaper, the frame is weaker, looser (feels even more so with the even lighter Melio Carbon), and tends to flip backward with a bag or something similar (which the Mios did not do at all). The seat also got cheaper, lost the footrest and feels smaller because of the changes in design that made it simpler. Also, the materials felt weaker in a way.

That does not mean it is a bad stroller - it has pluses such as super low weight, lower than the Mios' (which is a reason for the looseness a bit, though), an enlarged, accessible basket, a one-handed compact fold, nimble though chunky wheels, and of course a cool design with that frame shape... I, however, feel like it is not worth saving money on it, as I feel the Mios is much, much better made.

So if you only need a small, light, though reversible stroller and you will use it only in shopping malls or simple, smoother surfaces, it's a nice option. If you want a sturdy everyday ride that is still very light and compact - and has to be reversible, I personally would still go for Mios, by all means.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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