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A reversible stroller with many features but a lower price tag

Just-D • 06 Jul 2021


I’m looking for a stroller with some specific features. I’d like it to have the following:
- reversible seat
- suitable for 3 months old baby
- big wheels (not air-pumped)
- big storage basket
- wide sitting space and suitable for taller babies
- large hood (to be able to use the stroller easily in sunny, windy weather)
- suitable for all-terrain
- not too expensive
- not too heavy

Does something like this exist?
Thanks in advance :)

Eli • 07 Jul 2021


I will probably disappoint you but it doesn't really exist. You mention numerous contradictory features in your requirements, and while having so many of the must-haves, you also ask for a not-too-expensive stroller price. I am just trying to be honest here, not negative. It's the same with cars - you don't get a cheap small car that will go over terrain or will have a huge car boot. And you also count on the fact that the lower the car's price is going to be, the fewer features and comfort will be inside or while driving. You just can't get it all - and you MUST have one or two priorities when choosing a stroller and all the other features will have to be a compromise.

Most parents will end up owning at least TWO "different anatomy" strollers - a full-size pram and a smaller, compact pushchair/buggy. For example, if you want a reversible seat with all its advantages, you need to count on it being smaller than a world-facing seat-only stroller. Also, reversible strollers are usually heavier, with a smaller canopy, and much narrower sitting space, compared. If you want large wheels, again, a bulkier, larger, heavier pushchair will be the result. To add to it, the price as a limiting factor will make the choice even narrower than before (and with these requirements, the choice is already heavily limited).

I strongly recommend you to think about getting a cheaper but fine model in the likes of a Joie Versatrax/Joie Finiti, or maybe a Moon Resea S or a Muuvo Quick 3.0 that will accommodate many of your needs (and some won't). The Maxi-Cosi Adorra also can fit a baby as well as a larger toddler (we tried, check our Maxi-Cosi Adorra stroller review), but I had a few niggles with the parent-facing maneuveraility.

These strollers, anyway, won't have the largest hood nor the longest seat measurement, BUT the hood just needs a universal sunshade, which is a tiny investment, and the seat length, well, it is what it is, and will last for about 2-2.5years. Then, you anyway won't need a reversible seat stroller, it only will be a burden with an older toddler. A simple, super lightweight (maybe even an ultra-compact travel stroller buggy will do at that time since the use is very occasional around 3 years of age).

Or opt for a forward-facing only, mid-size stroller - which is a compromise with a three-month-old, I know), but this will last you much longer than that. From the budget-friendly ones, I recommend the Chicco Multiride maybe, or the Britax B-Motion 4 Plus which has a very long seat surface.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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