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A reversible stroller with a one-hand one-piece fold for our Fiat 500 travels

Julia • 11 May 2022

Hi Eli, I‘m desperately looking for the right stroller!

At home I have a Hesba Condor Coupé, which is very comfortable but huge! As I drive a Fiat 500, I need a stroller that fits in the trunk (in one piece - I already had the Bugaboo Cameleon which is a mess in there). My daughter is 5 months old now, so it should be possible to lie her flat and the seat should be facing me. We need a very large sun canopy and a breathable seat cover, as we also want to take it to our summer holiday in Spain (by car). One-hand folding would be great, so I can hold her on one arm while folding the stroller (tube/ stairs).

I already had the Joolz Hub+, Bugaboo Bee6, Cybex Melio, Cybex Mios, and Cybex Eezy S Twist Plus in mind but don’t see the real differences and am definitely open to any other suggestion!

For traveling by plane, I think about buying a Babyzen Yoyo in the future, but I‘m afraid, for the moment she is too young for it?! What do you think?

I‘m very looking forward to your answer!


Eli • 12 May 2022

Hi, Julia,

I will start at the end, as I wanted to say that the Yoyo is simply not worth your money in terms of comfort for your baby - and the more so at 5 months. It is incredibly slanted, so the child is kind of hanging by the harness, and no lie-flat there PLUS a small seat surface that the head will grow out and over sooner. If you don't need the lie flat, or don't mind waiting till next summer, I would definitely rather go for the Bugaboo Butterfly or the Joolz Aer which are incomparably larger and comfier in the seat, having 10 cm+ longer backrests.

Next in line, you made quite a nice list of small reversible strollers, out of which I will say the Melio is not worth getting as its frame is incredibly loose and not much of quality; the Bee 6 I find too large after folding and the design simply a bit old already, even if pretty - the lack of leg rest is also not a win there; and the Hub Plus probably too, as it is a very nice stroller with a nice push, just the seat doesn't last parents as long as they'd want to. If you, however, don't mind swapping it around 1.5-2 years, then the Hub is really a good, comfy choice.

I personally would choose the Mios as I had it already for a longer time as I was very very happy with it. The frame is very nicely made, and so is the suspension. A drawback you might find is that the canopy in the lie-flat position will not be enough on a very hot day, but I just got a sunshade usable in the reversed position and was very happy with that afterward.

The Eezy S-Twist Plus is a nice choice if the smaller the stroller gets, the better for you is your priority. The hood is even smaller there in the lie flat, however, and the push I find more comfortable with the Mios.

Overall nice choices, though, and I hope I helped!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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