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A reversible, padded, comfortable & reclining pushchair

Laura • 09 Apr 2023


Looking for a pushchair/stroller for my son. Ideally one with both parent-facing and world facing. Extendable footrest. Reclining positions. Removable fabric. With lots of space and padding for comfort.

Eli • 10 Apr 2023

Hey, Laura,

Not many strollers actually offer completely removable fabrics - washing in the machine actually can cause fading, thinning, and damage to the fabrics, so that is one requirement I personally would suggest not going for. If you need help with how to clean your stroller, this article of mine could help you.

Also, I don't see many "practical" requirements here. How old/big is your son? What's the budget? What about terrain/wheels? These are the things that kind of make or break a stroller's fit for you and your family.

I will suggest a "neutral" Joie Versatrax / Joie Finiti as they are padded, have nice enough wheels, and recline fully. As reversible strollers though, they will never be as spacious as an only forward-facing one. You can check these, and think about more criteria you'd need from a stroller to perhaps ask again. :-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.