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A reversible-handlebar stroller for rough terrain that is plane-friendly

kritz • 08 Mar 2022

Which strollers with reversible handlebars are suitable for rough terrain use and plane friendly? A good suspension and less maintenance wheels would be preferable. Iā€™m looking to use it for my 3 month old and would like to continue using it as she grows. Budget is flexible if these features are available. Aesthetics are secondary.

Eli • 09 Mar 2022

Hey, kritz,

I am sorry, but none. I know of no strollers with a reversible handlebar that can go on a plane. There are only a few strollers with this feature and that is because it makes the frame weaker. So I wouldn't even consider it, to be honest, but even if you want it, to combine it with the other features you're looking for, impossible, I am sorry.

I also know no plane-friendly stroller usable on rough terrain. These are literally opposites - for plane traveling, you need something compact and small and simple, for terrain, something large, large-wheeled, and durable.

My suggestion is to get 2 prams - one small pushchair for plane travels, something like an Ergobaby Metro+ or Joolz Aer. Another for bad terrain, meaning either very large wheels and sturdy frame, or, ideally, a quality three-wheeler, like a TFK or an, i.e., Baby JOgger City Elite 2.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.