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A reversible, full-recline pushchair under 8 kg that folds well and has a large canopy..?

Katie • 07 Jun 2021

Hi Eli,

Could you please recommend me a pushchair with the next requirements:
1. Reversible chair (facing to parent and facing back)
2. Big canopy/hood with UV protection
2. Weight is less than 8.0 kg
3. Suspension
4. Full-recline - near 170/175 (from birth)
5. Good folding
6. Good to have peek-a-boo window

I thought about Cybex Melio Aluminum but didn't find any reviews about it and the seat looks very tight.

Thank you in advance,

Eli • 08 Jun 2021


There's a super big problem here, and that is, VERY FEW strollers have a reversible seat unit while weighing under 8 kg. That is super super rare and hard to find many examples just so - and to add a large hood to the requirements, it makes the choice almost impossible.

We just got a Cybex Melio review - check all the Cybex Melio reviews on the strollers page, there are a few (mixed positive and negative) - but overall, when in the reclined position, this won't be a pushchair with a large hood. I had the Cybex Mios which is a similar stroller, and it was a nice one, BUT not one with a large canopy when laying flat. We used a sun shade in the summer, and that is what I recommend considering to you as well - I mean, it is a simple thing to put on and it will solve most of your problems.

My other stroller suggestion would be the Easywalker Charley - it's also a lightweight, compact stroller and the hood is larger. To get the idea, read our
- there are quite a few pictures to illustrate. It's a sturdier pushchair, so it will last better, but the Charley seat is a bit shorter, compared to the Cybex's. The Cybex strollers, on the other hand, DO have a narrower seat (but I could fit a 4-year-old inside, so it works if you don't need something super-wide). The Charley's seat is wider. And a 3yo was OK in it, even if maybe at the end of the stroller's use.

Anyhow, I suggest strongly only setting one main priority when choosing a stroller, it will be much easier to accept the downsides of the chosen model. I mean, no stroller is perfect, and some features are very hard to put together (and if, it makes the stroller heavy/bulky/...).

Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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