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A reasonably priced stroller woth larger back wheels and a tall backrest

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Tegan • 24 Sep 2022

Im looking for a reasonably priced stroller woth larger back wheels and a tall backrest. I have quite a tall baby and want it to last. I like the Uppababy strollers but they are too expensive.

Eli • 24 Sep 2022

Hi, Tegan,

For a stroller to last, be sure to definitely pick a non-reversible one, only forward-facing models are so much roomier and last, generally, much longer. Also, if you like the Uppababy brand, did you think about getting a pre-owned model? It is actually the economical - and also ecological, reuse-upcycle choice, and I would definitely rather get a second-hand better brand than a cheaper new pushchair. Just food for thought.

Apart from the better brands (like the Baby Jogger would work well here, too), check strollers like the Valco Trend which is incredibly large in the seating area (and offers the inflatable Sport wheels option, too), and the Britax B-Motion. The ABC Design Avus could also work well here.

From the really budget ones, the Kindekraft Grande LX is not small, though count on it being simpler, less elaborate. Again, I personally would rather go for a higher quality brand, pre-loved.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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