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A reasonably lightweight buggy from birth to a tall toddler, for about £500

Shubunkin • 23 Dec 2021

Hi Eli,

Our parking situation is really tricky and means we need a relatively lightweight and easy to fold buggy to carry it to and from the car. The track to reach the car is gravel so it needs to be able to handle that but not much more terrain wise.

The challenge I'm having is that both myself and my partner (we have equal childcare duties) are around 6ft tall, so we need a buggy with an adjustable handle that our also tall/heavy baby can still use when he's older (ideally up to 22kg).

We will probably have another baby at some point so nice to haves would be car seat/from birth compatible. We are happy to spend around £500 but if you found us the perfect buggy we could stretch that.

Thank you so much for your help! Hope that wasn't too much information.

Eli • 25 Dec 2021

Heya, Shubunkin,

I am thinking about a Babystyle's Oyster Zero which is super light, VERY spacious, AND compatible with a bassinet as well as with a car seat (with adapters). Makes sense to me as you, other than for the gravel which is an enemy of pretty much any stroller and might need a bit of carrying of the stroller around, won't use it on much terrain and the weight/roominess are, from my point of view, the largest priorities here. The only downside I see here would be a non-reversible seat which is sometimes a no-go for first-time parents.

From the reversible strollers, you need to count on a smaller space inside the seat, a bit bulkier and heavier stroller... but, yeah, the possibility for the baby to face you. A Joie Versatrax/Joie Finiti might work if a reversible seat would be a must, OR the Quinny Zapp Flex with the newborn cocoon.

Please not e that the lighter buggies, the Oyster Zero as well as the Quinny Zapp Flex/Zapp Flex Plus do not feature an adjustable pushbar BUT are OK for taller parents - I mean, me and my hubby were alright with them and we're also on the tall side. A similar stroller WITH an adjustable handle would, perhaps, include the ABC Design Avus or the more expensive Baby Jogger City Mini GT2.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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