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A quality single-to-double convertible stroller, light & under $600 if possible. What do you think of Mockingbird?

Kristen • 31 Aug 2021

Hi there! I’m pregnant with my first and am totally lost in the stroller world. Would love some help.

I can provide some info about what I’m looking for and my lifestyle:

Baby will be born in January.

I live in a country setting so strolling outside my door is not an option. I’m a close drive to a town and park; however, I’m not sure I’ll be getting in the car every day to stroll. For this reason, I’m not wanting to spend a ton of money but I definitely want quality! All of my friends have the Uppa baby but they mostly live in a city. I was reading that the Mockingbird is pretty comparable and got great reviews. But then I read some that we’re not so great and made me question this stroller.

I plan on trying for a second child as soon as my body and mind are ready. So a convert to double seems like it makes sense.

Adjustable handlebar is important bc my husband is 6’ and I’m 5’3”.

Good wheel suspension and also the ability to travel on less smooth terrain, ie a gravel path.

Easy to open and close, I like the one-hand option, and easy to maneuver the car seat in and out.

Leans on the lighter side as far as convertible strollers go.

Good for the infant without needing a bassinet - recline and infant insert options.

A good amount of storage / basket space

Good accessories options - cup holders for the parent and child, UV/sun protection.

I think that about sums it up! Prefer to stay under $600 that’s ideal (without including accessories and add one)

I’m grateful for your help!!

Eli • 31 Aug 2021

Hi, Kristen,

You described what you want very well, so kudos on that! It helps me give you the best advice possible as well.

The thing is, convertible - single to double prams are, usually, on the heavier and also more expensive side if they are quality ones. I mean, to be able to withstand the weight and wear of two children and different terrain use, it HAS TO be sturdy and well made, and that costs money. A good example would be a Quinny Hubb which I had for a time and was in awe of how large it is - but it did accommodate even two large toddlers, which is a rare thing with a reversible stroller (and a double at that).

My best advice here would actually be, yeah, the Uppababy Vista because of a very well-made chassis - but yeah, a quality stroller means more money spent and you wanted a less expensive one. But I would still suggest keeping this in mind and maybe look up a used one for less - it will be ecological, economical, and a practical solution to your situation.

Next in line, at least in my eyes, would be a Baby Jogger City Select Lux because of its quality as well as various cool options like a bench seat for the older kid. I tried the bench seat and loved it because it is suitable even for older children (like a 6yo) when they can't walk anymore. Also, this one is rather compact as the seats fold, and it can fold with both attached to an OK-sized package. This one you'll get for quite a nice sum nowadays; just be aware that in the double mode (as almost all single to double prams are), the maneuvering is simply worse.

If OK with pre-loved options, I will also suggest a Thule Sleek as a quality option and one that not everybody has. Again, not the cheapest model and not the most compact either, but a spacious one and a unique one, with many practical functions.

Ans I can't forget to mention the Bugaboo Donkey 3 that is just the best in some features at least, and a very high-quality one, light enough even, just not the most compact. If you found it somewhere in classifieds, I absolutely recommend at least go and check it out. Many mums are incredibly happy with this one.


The Mockingbird stroller, I feel, has quite a lot of marketing and not always honest reviews involved. I mean, as a kind of a copy of the Uppababy, and such a low price tag, it is never going to be as good, high-quality, or as spacious. BUT it IS rather cheap, and so, it might be worth your attention if the price is the higher stroller priority of yours. If it is so, I say go for it, why not. But do count on the price being reflected in quite a few areas of the stroller, and of course, a soft suspension is not what it's going to offer. But, again, the performance seems OK and even GOOD for the money. It is, in any case, not my favorite - I feel like designing is better than copying, and I am also quite disappointed about many low-cost prams and pushchairs out there. They simply last badly, and here, the manufacturing solutions, joints, and a one-hand fold with a tandem (!) make me pretty sure this is a cheap (not just price-wise) stroller model, so I personally would NOT recommend it.

One more thing. Most of the strollers mentioned are bucket-style seat strollers, which means they NEED a special wedged nest to be able to accommodate a newborn. A carrycot, however, would be a much comfier and healthier option, that is good to know.

Hope I helped and inspired you! Please do let this lay in your head for a bit, and go for it with your heart. It will be mostly for you and the baby.

And don't forget to leave a review once the stroller (and baby) comes to help other parents with their struggle! Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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