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A quality, roomy, lightweight buggy for regular tube, park and forest riding

Naaz • 22 Nov 2021


I’m looking for a lightweight buggy to use on the tube regularly as well as parks/forest. Ideally, it would last longer so holds a weight of up to 22kg. Don’t want to spend loads but not so cheap that it means bad quality. With a foot muff and bar would be great too but not essential. Not a fan of the yo-yo!

Thank you

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eli & vii
Eli • 23 Nov 2021

Hey, Naaz!

The Babyzen Yoyo is anyway overpriced ;-) Aaand if you need your stroller to be able to survive a forest occasionally, you shouldn't get an ultacompact stroller - read here why. (If anyway still thinking about such a small stroller, inspire yourself in this article with our top ultra-compact stroller picks of 2021 or in this Chicco Goody stroller review.)

I would go with something like an Babystyle Oyster Zero is you need spacious and ok for a taller toddler (which means longer time). It is very light, easy to push, I was fine with it even on grass (everyday); still, a lightweight pushchair will not be an all-terrain stroller, of course. Similar strollers would include a TFK Dot 2, a Baby Jogger City Mini2 or a Gesslein S4 Air, which is a bit heavier than the other two, BUT is equipped with a very nice, soft suspension.

My favourite pick for an even smaller stroller - and I believe that would be the best pick for you if the size matters very very much, would be the Uppabbay Minu. Roomy and sturdy enough, it is a much better buggy than the Yoyo and should last you well.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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