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A pushchair with a 56+ cm tall backrest

Reda • 17 Mar 2022

I am looking a pushchair with backrest at least 56 cm.

Eli • 18 Mar 2022

Hi, Reda,

I must start with how the centimeters are not the only important thing, the canopy height, the seat width, and the overall space around the child to move in are also crucial. I do know one or two high-seatback strollers but they are actually reversible, meaning the hood will be right above the backrest and the space will not be actually much bigger that some mid-size lighter-weight pushchairs with a shorter sea back BUT a high-positioned canopy and a wide seat. The reversible models can only have that

A Baby Jogger City Premier is one with a 56 cm seat back, and a Kinderkraft everyday also has a 56 cm high seat back. Close to that, a Seed Papilio sports a 54 cm tall seat back, and the Quinny Hubb has a 5 cm backrest.

If you, however, need to accommodate a tall, large toddler or, e.g., a disabled child, I would suggest the Baby Jogger City Elite (52 cm seatback, non-reversible, much much more spacious) or a Britax B-Motion Plus.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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