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A pushchair that will be long and wide enough for a larger toddler and will last up to his 25 kg

Danai • 31 May 2022

Hello Eli,

My baby is 19 months, he weighs 14 kg and is 90 cm tall. We currently have a Cosatto Giggle 2 but he has outgrown it. We need a stroller where he will be comfortable napping. It needs to have a seat that is big enough in terms of length and width, and possibly to be suitable for more than 25kg. I really like Cosatto and I was looking at Supa 3 or Woosh but I think these might be similar to the one we have.

When it comes to budget I do not really mind but of course, I would not want the stroller to cost a fortune.

I am having a really difficult time finding a stroller to fit our needs, do you have any advice please?
Thank you very much!

Eli • 01 Jun 2022

Hey, Danai,

From your choices, only the Supa 3 would really fit a larger child. However, being an umbrella buggy, it will be much harder to push with a heavier kid and very very rattly on any kind of bumps or terrain. The Woosh being super tiny and already too small for your little one.

Even if I see you like the Cosatto's playful motifs (me too, for sure), you need something practical if you want it to last up to the whopping 25 kg when most children don't use their strollers at all. My suggestions, even if going far from the Cosatto's prams, would be the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, Baby Jogger City Elite 2, Thule Urban Glide 2, Valco Trend, or the Britax B-Motion Plus. From the umbrella strollers, perhaps a Maclaren will do (but not the ultracompact Maclaren Atom.

I am only focusing on the seat size and longevity, which are an absolute priority with such a requirement, and the logical push with even an older child inside.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.