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A pushchair that can handle country walks

Zoe • 06 Apr 2023

Hi Eli!

We were given a free Bugaboo Cameleon second hand. This was nice but it's no good when we go for walks and the path is muddy or there's leaf litter, it gets stuck in the tiny wheels! I've been looking at pushchairs that are supposedly off road, but so many have little mudguards over the front wheels which I worry would lead to the same problem.

I walk a lot, so really need something that can handle country walks. My baby is 10 months so no need for a carrycot or reversible seat and we have a compact pushchair for nipping around the city. Our budget is about £300, but I'm happy to look second hand for a more expensive model too. We have a smallish car so nothing much bigger than the Cameleon when folded. What do you suggest?

Eli • 07 Apr 2023

Hey, Zoe,

The Cam is actually not small when folded so most forwrd-facing-only strollers should be just fine, fold-wise. I personally would say the priority here is to have large front wheels, or better yet, front wheel, as I would go for a three-wheeler here, personally. Check strollers like the Baby Jogger City Elite, Thule Urban Glide or Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle - pre-owned should be just fine. The larger front wheel will really help, and the frames are quality enough to withstand most of what you throw at the stroller.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.