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A practical, light and compact stroller for a February baby

Gülcan • 06 Sep 2023


We want to buy a useful stroller for our baby, who will be born in February. We have the Cybex stroller. We want to buy a single stroller that we can wear, which will be comfortable for the baby, but will also provide us convenience in terms of weight (light in terms of carrying) and folding (in the trunk and easy folding). Is there a model you can recommend in this regard?

Eli • 06 Sep 2023

Hey, Gülcan,

I am not sure if you meant that you have a Cybex car seat..? In any case - if you don't need much terrain capability (which you don't mention, and from what I am reading, I see your priority is a low weight, a compact fold, and comfort for your baby), I would suggest the Cybex Mios which is reversible, lie-flat, compact and light, but also qa quality model that is comfortable for smaller babies, too. It also accepts a Cybex car seat.

The Cybex Eezy S-Twist+² could also make sense, very compact, reversible, light, and even if a bit simple, actually practical in most aspects. A Valco Ultra Trend could also be a nice light choice.

If you don't need a reversible model, try checking the Joie Litetrax Air which is actually affordable, folds reasonably flat, and can take some bumps at times. With adapters, a Cybex car seat or a Joie carrycot can be attached, too.

Now, check the options, think about your budget and what you liked or didn't here, and ask me again if you have more specific features in mind.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.