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A practical combo of a travel system and a travel stroller for London parents

Kostas • 11 Nov 2022

We are waiting for our first one and we are in search of a stroller so we would really appreciate your input here!

We live in London and as you can imagine, space is limited so weight and size are important factors. We use public transport a lot but for longer trips we use the car and since we are from abroad there will be a fair bit of travelling with our little on once she gets here.

We came to the conclusion that we are going to need two strollers eventually... one for strolls around our neighborhood and the park and an ultra compact for more serious travelling (flying, trains etc). We have a budget of around £1000 - £1100 for both so we are thinking of the Joie Signature Finiti (bought as travel system with carry cot and car seat) as our daily beater and the Bugaboo Butterfly as a travel ultra-compact choice..

Can you recommend any other pairs in a similar price point?

We are looking for a good enough lightish daily beater and a better travel ultracompact..

Thank you!

Eli • 11 Nov 2022

Hiya, Kostas,

I was, at first, thinking you might be better off with one Cybex Mios which is light and compact while sturdy enough to take with you. Think about that one for sure as you can use it as a travel system easily, and it is actually quite practical.

Joie Finiti is an ok price value ratio for sure - apart from that, I would perhaps look at a Uppababy Cruz as it is really sturdy, or a Mamas&Papas Flip XT3 which can be bought very nicely for a full set with a car seat and base, too (I think the Ocarro can also be bought nicely, and it is nice, just a bit heavy]].

For your travel stroller, the Ergobaby Metro Plus is maybe a better choice asd it lies flat (the Butterfly doesn't) - or the Recaro Lexa could work.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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