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A plane luggage sized buggy from birth to 3yo. Babyzen Yoyo, GB Pockit Plus, Maclaren Atom, MB Nano..?

Bien • 09 Feb 2022

GB pockit plus all-terrain or Babyzen Yoyo?

I need a lightweight, compact-fold buggy to leave in the trunk of the car and for occasional flight travels. Needs to suit a newborn - max 3-year-old.

The advantages of the Babyzen Yoyo are:
Multiple Accessories available (leg rest, bumper bar, etc)
Car Seat Adapter for Britax Römer available
Lightweight Newborn Set

What keeps me from buying is the crazy high price (also secondhand), I am not sure whether it is worth the price or overpriced.

GB Pockit Plus all-terrain buggies are available secondhand for much less. Disadvantages:
No adapters available for Britax Römer
No leg rest
Cot to go is relatively heavy (3kg)
No lie-flat position

What would you recommend? I am also open to other suggestions, for example, the Maclaren Atom with a bassinet or a Mountainbuggy Nano?

I already have a BJ City Mini Zip and could combine it with a universal carrycot and buy adapters for a Britax Römer car seat. (Not allowed as hand-luggage on board though)

Eli • 10 Feb 2022

Hey, Bien,

From your first two options, the Babyzen Yoyo is the clearest winner. I actually DO think the Yoyo is way too overpriced, especially with the newborn accessories and all you'd actually want with this ultracompact stroller, BUT the GB Pockit is was too rattly and not sturdy at all to be used from birth to three years of age. So from these two, Yoyo is a clear choice.

However, as I said, I believe the Yoyo is not worth the price, so I myself would go for something a bit cheaper while not so crazy slanted in the backrest area (at least not as much for that price). I mean, the seat of an ultracompact is not upright (ever), but the Yoyo's seatback is so short and so slanted kids are kind of hanging in there if you know what I mean. So a Mountain Buggy Nano V3 seems like a better option here (yes, it is an open seat, but for traveling, it should be ok), and the Maclaren Atom (full stroller review here) is very nice in many aspects AND has a large hood (which is rare), but also be ready for a bit of a slanted seat (always be, tbh). At least it doesn't need more to be used from birth (lies flat and even makes a cozy environment for the smallest babies thanks to the leg rest option) and it's really rather nicely made.

Anyhow, I would be picking between the Atom and the Nano, and/or also would check the autofolding Chicco Goody Plus with a carrycot option (full Chicco Goody stroller review here). From the compactness and longevity point of view, you should also think of the Joolz Aer which is one of the best options of an ultracompact out there (I would most certainly choose this one if I wouldn't need the completely lie-flat seat and got a bassinet), and for a newborn, the super-padded Ergobaby Metro Plus is a very nice idea, too.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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