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A plane-friendly stroller for a 2.5yo under 250€

Thodoris • 12 Mar 2022

Huge thanks for the previous reply about the Miley stroller.

I forgot to mention that I need a stroller only for travels with airplane, because I don't want to take with me the basic stroller, the Bugaboo Fox.

My son is very energetic, and he wants always to walk. So he will sit only when he is very tired, and take a nap (30-60 minutes).

With that said, will the Miley be ok for that use? I don't want to give over 250€, and right now is at 230€, and I want a small/lightweight. I also saw that the Miley 2 is coming, and it has better/taller back and is reclining from top to bottom!

Thanks again 🙏

Eli • 13 Mar 2022

Hey Thodoris,

You are right about the Miley 2 having a longer seatback! However, the seat surface will actually not be longer, so the seat part or the leg rest will be a bit shorter. It might be better for your tall son, this is true.

If it is only for short naps and needs to be that small, well, I think it will be fine, still don't expect too much in terms of comfort. An Ergobaby Metro (not the Ergobaby Metro+) could also work (even better) if you found it on sale as the Plus is the newest line.

My budget-friendly suggestion would also be the Koelstra Buggy Gen which should work fine for you, too, at least so-so, just like the Miley.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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