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A perfect pram with a roomy bassinet, tall seatback and large wheels

Amy • 11 Feb 2022

Hello, hope you're ready for a challenge 😳 big prammy here! I'm looking for:

Large seat (love the size of the M&P Flip xt3)
All terrain wheels, happy with air (beach going)
Big carry cot (love the Babystyle Prestige2's)
Large hood, extendable (love a Joie hood)Mummy facing and world facing seatPeekaboo window
Big basket

I've been looking at the Kinderkraft Everyday... a good seat size, not sure how I feel about the carrycot πŸ€” Is it any good with all terrain?

Kinderkraft Prime 2020... Love the style and carrycot, can't find the seat dimensions anywhere! It is so making me panic that it'd have a small seat back.

Have peeped back and forth at the Joie Finity but I don't think it's the one.

My partner would buy the Babystyle prestige with active frame for the style and carrycot but I don't like the small seat, I have long children lol.

Can you help me in any way please... what's your views on these above prams...? Any other prams you think might be worth me having a look at?

The following are my prams that may help you get an understanding of my type and what I'm looking for 🀭

I have a 10yr old who enjoys to push his sister, and a 6 month old who is still happy in carrycots, she loves to lay and play or sits with a harness watching the world. We walk a lot to school and playgroups which is when I mainly use the carry cot, we live at the seaside so lots of beach walks and big 2 hour walks, our family also own a caravan so spend entire days/evenings on a caravan site walking for hours sometimes, so baby needs a safe snuggly space that she can potentially start bedtime in if we're still out. We also plan to have more so ideally long lasting. I fell in love with the Cybex Gazelle but hubby thinks it looks rickety πŸ™„.

So I love lots about the Mamas&Papas Flip xt3 the cosy toes the lie-flat huge seat, lovely to push (we both have handle fully extended), nice and smooth, stunning blue colour, stylish wheels, matching EVERYTHING. But we HATE the effort of the fold you have to strip the seat of blankets/cosytoes to get it to fold with the unit on it, it doesn't stay locked either, the raincover isn't secure unless I'm doing something wrong but it's very stiff and unless fully zipped up just flaps about, and the hood is stupidly short when laying down baby is forever blinded by the sun, the ridiculous tiny carrycot is just a no!

My Prestige2 light grey is beautiful I love the carry cot and seat unit par it being short but we hate the bouncy frame baby is always sliding down an bounced everywhere.

I have a Vintage Silvercross Wayfarer, love the carrycot and cute design not a fan of bucket seats and no hood wire basket can be a pain but still holds a lot.

Adore my Joie Brisk but that's an umbrella I need a full pram set up.

Have a Mothercare urban detour best pushchair! Par again not mummy facing, short seat back, and tiny hood but love it!

Thank you so much 😊 Amy

Eli • 12 Feb 2022

Hi, Amy,

Well, you want A LOT. I mean, at least with the folding with all in (cosytoes etc.), I feel like you might be chasing a unicorn :-D Anyhow, I will tell you the Kinderkraft Everyday is not a bad chocΓ­ce, at least from the point of view of wheels (LARGE!) and carrycot + seat (super spacious!) - just check the full review of the Kinderkraft Everyday pram I wrote HERE. The pram has almost all you want (not as bouncy as your Prestige, though), BUT it is BULKY. You need to count on that with ANY large-wheeled, spacious pram. Other than that, it should actually make you happy (I folded it even with a full basket :-D).

I really like the Joie seats and prams, so the Finiti (or Versatrax) also makes sense to me, BUT the canopy is SHORT in the lie-flat mode. A Gesslein F6 and similar are also super nice, space- and quality-wise, but not available everywhere and expensive.

The ABC Desin Salsa 4 Air seems also like an almost perfect choice for you as the carrycot is HUGE and so is the seat unit. Try and check if you can get your hands on one)

I wouldn't go for the Prime as the seat is smaller and the pram is a bit squeaky (not that high of a quality).

Lastly, I see you didn't want a bucket seat, but I would also check the Uppababy Vista as it is a quality stroller with quite some space in all the good areas. Even a second hand one would be good.

One more thing, I would NOT change your Prestige if you like it, I would use the seat for the first few months, THEN swap for a non-reversible. It is a solution of most moms and works well - the time between carrycot and "large" toddler seat can be passed in the smaller reversible seat, and then you'd move on to a compact world-facing pushchair. This is what I would do (and done ;-)).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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