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A one-step fold carry-on-sized buggy with a large seat, large canopy, a lie-flat & more

Anna • 22 Apr 2022

Hello Eli,
I am looking for a:

- one step, one hand fold and open,
- cabin size,
- flat lie,
- xxl canopy stroller
- with a peekaboo window and
- with rather long seat

Would be nice to have four wheel suspension.

Can you help me about my options?


Eli • 23 Apr 2022

Hi, Anna,

You won't get it all in one stroller, I'm afraid. One step, one hand usually means a smaller one, AND the large canopy, that is a requirement pretty much NO cabin luggage-sized strollers have. I know one, which is the Maclaren Atom (full Maclaren Atom stroller review with pics HERE), but I am unsure if it really be one-second movement fold, and the seat is not very long.

Beware, as pretty much no ultra-compacts will have a long seat surface. Those few who do don't have a full lie-flat recline.

The Chicco Goody did accommodate my larger toddler (full Chicco Goody stroller review with pics HERE), but the canopy definitely wasn't XXL and I found the leg rest shorter, which with a toddler actually doesn't bother me much.

I'll suggest reconsidering your priorities and try out a few in the shop, as you will either go for a long seat and the Joolz Aer/Bugaboo Butterfly, or a large canopy and the Atom, or a one-step fold and somšthing auto-folding but not perfect in other areas, or.... you know.

Check also our top 10+ ultracompacts of this season to inspire yourself more, and write again if clearer on where you are ok with compromising.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.