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A not-too-heavy first stroller for London-based parents that also love the countryside

Dario • 15 Feb 2022


We are waiting for our first child and we are very confused by how many pushchair options are out there! Hence looking forward to getting some suggestions.

A bit of background on our lifestyle: we live in London, hence are mainly city-based. We walk and use public transports a lot (we don't own a car) and only occasionally take ubers/rent a car for weekends away. We love nature and we escape to walk in parks, explore cities around London, in the countryside as soon as we can. We expect to travel often abroad by plane as our family is in Europe.

We'd of course like to get something that lasts until toddlerhood. It's a hard request I know as we'd ideally need something sturdy to handle day to day use in the city with potentially uneven surfaces as well as occasional days out in parks/countryside while being not too heavy and easy to drive as we go on public transports and my wife is quite petite. Something too bulky or heavy would not be suitable and we'll end up struggling with it. I'd still like my wife to enjoying going out for a walk with the baby.

Based on our research so far and what we understood (pardon our ignorance!) we were considering the following:
- Nuna Triv: light city stroller, good foldability, with generally bigger wheels and good suspensions compared to many others so could handle harsher terrains? Not sure about durability and whether the seat is spacious enough to last until toddlerhood? (we found an amazing offer for a bundle with carrycot and car seat so this has a strong price advantage);

- icandy lime, seems to have good wheels and suspensions without being too heavy and it folds well. However, not sure about its terrain capabilities compared to the other two options and its durability and spaciousness of seat. We like the bar for a second kid and the overnight sleeping carrycot. This option feels in between the other two so maybe worth going directly for the cheapest/lightest nuna or upgrade to the fox 2 for slightly more as this is now discounted?

- Bugaboo Fox 2, my understanding is that it is durable and has very good terrain capabilities while being light compared to similar full size pushchairs (although heavier than the other two probably?). Our only concern is the foldability and the fact that we would probably need a lighter stroller for travelling while the other two may act as our main and only stroller?

I may have said a lot of incorrect things so please excuse me. I look forward to your precious opinion.

P.S. Thanks so much for the work you put into all this!


Eli • 15 Feb 2022

Hello, Dario,

No worries, it's OK, I am here so you can ask me! ^_^ You described your situation and needs very well, for which I am very thankful for, it makes it easier to reply and suggest as right as I can.

I will first go over your three choices. About the Triv, I LOVE it, but only on paper, I'm afraid. The wheels, suspension, even the comfy seat are very nice (downsides like the canopy in the lie-flat position are small and just ok for the folded size), BUT the stroller feels wobbly right out of the box and I also got a few reviews that it is not a very stable stroller because of the rear wheels' setup. If you truly got a GREAT offer, meaning not too much money, I would think about it, too. As a bargain, it sounds great, and so if the price is really low, it is still worth getting. Worst case, you'll sell it along the way if it doesn't fit your lifestyle. And, about the seat, it is a good site - for a reversible stroller, read more HERE - those are always a bit smaller than the world-facing only.

Moving on to the iCandy Lime. I really like iCandy's on paper again, and they even are high-quality in general, but they are also very hard, with only a very mild suspension, and the seat here is on the smaller side. From all three, this seems the least practical to me, not the smallest, not the comfiest, not the most all terrain, and still quite expensive. Without a very god offer, I wouldn't go for this one, if I am honest.

The Bugaboo Fox is by far the best in almost every requirement you have, low weight, good-sized seat, canopy, all-terrain capabilities.. just apart from the fold that is not that compact. If you don't use a car, I actually wouldn't mind. It WILL fit into an uber/any normally sized car boot, and if it is only from time to time, seriously, I would still get it. Worst case, you get a small buggy when your baby is older - almost every parent does, really. And about planes - apart for ultracompact strollers (read more HERE) - and you don't want one like that, believe me, not from birth - you will always have to give the stroller to the airline when boarding and they give it back when you get off the plane. And the size doesn't matter, then.

So, my choice here would most certainly be the Fox - you will also sell it very well in the end. It is simply the best value.

Apart for that pram, I would also think of these:
the Quinny Zapp Flex - it has wide wheels and a compact fold while the seat is truly spacious even if reversible
the Cybex Mios as it is higher quality and roomier than the Nuna Triv while, even if with smaller wheels, the suspension and push are really great - I even claimed a hill with it once or twice. The frame is simply very well done, better than even a Priam'sthe ABC Design Swing if it's available to you, the size is a bit larger but also it's a MUCH MORE spacious stroller system, with a cool carrycot and a very durable chassis
lastly, the Easywalker Harvey 3 (larger, but super versatile and not overly heavy) or the Joolz Hub (smaller, but the seat is also a bit smaller - pushes great, however).

I hope I helped! Write if anything, I'll gladly answer. I wish you all the best And please, don't forget to leave a review once you own your stroller and have something to say ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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