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A not-too-heavy, easy-ish to fold tandem stroller for two baby girls

Elena • 15 Feb 2022

Hi Eli,

First of all a huuuge thank you for Strollberry - THE best place on the internet for new parents. :)

We have a question regarding strollers for twins (two new baby girls). The width is an issue for us as we live in a European city center (thus not having much need for any kind of terrain ride) so that means a lot of narrow passages and doors. Also, another big factor is an awful parking situation and getting in and out of the car quickly (since we do it mainly in the street).

So we have to go for a tandem pram but would really appreciate if you could help us select the one which:
- is the easiest to fold/unfold and get in the car easily (as hubby is not always around :)) and not just weight-wise but also operating the fold
- can fit two car seats so we can load/unload the babies in the car without getting them in and out of the cots/seats
- help us distinguish between different budget brands for example we don't see any big difference between ABC Design Zoom or Bebetto 42 - apart from quite complicated folding on Bebetto.

Can you share a piece of advice?
Many thanks.

Eli • 16 Feb 2022

Hi, Elena,

I know your struggle, and I'll try to help you as much as I can.

I'll start at the end, meaning with the difference between brands. The cheaper (often Polish) prams are simply cheaper in the finished. That is not all, they are usually heavier and bulkier - BUT their wheels are larger and the suspension often softer, so they are best for parents that don't demand much in terms of design or extra functions but need a "tank" that go over bumps and holes. Also, those stroller systems' problem is often the seat unit - either too small or very simply - badly made, even though Bebetto is reasonably OK in that way (not great but not horrible). The ABC Design ZOOM is simply more modern, better made, even if perhaps a bit more urban (which you don't mind ;-)) - BUT, this one is also VERY long, to be honest. Even if you get through narrow doorways, the turning will be a bit of work, so be ready for that.

My own advice here would be something urban and less long - certainly rather a better brand, and certainly, a smaller fold would help. This leads me to probably the best model for such a situation, the Baby Jogger City Select LUX. Thanks to the seats that fold in half, you can even fold it with BOTH seats attached, and the overall size is doable for a double/tandem.

I really believe that one would work best for you, but just for you to have more options, I will also mention the Uppababy Vista V2, which is durable and would really help you in many ways. The Peg Pérego Duette Piroet could also work for you. Aaand, I know, you wanted a tandem, not a side by side, but the Bugaboo Donkey or the Mountain Buggy Duet (V3) are really narrow, no problem going through doors, just saying.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.