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A not-too-expensive travel buggy for a chunky 3 months old baby

Lara • 27 Jan 2023

I currently have a 3 month chunky baby at just over 6.5kg and due to travel abroad when he is 6/7 months. I'm looking for the best travel buggy that will provide him with the most comfort and sun protection but also won't break the bank as we spent a fortune on his travel system.

Eli • 28 Jan 2023

Hi, Lara,

I personally would probably recommend the Ergobaby Metro Plus in here. Good enough padding and reasonable space for your little big one, and the canopy is perhaps funky in shape but larger than average. And even the frame is sturdier, compared to many others on the market. Not the cheapest one, but by far not the most expensive one, and you can also check it pre-owned, second-hand.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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