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A narrow double pushchair for a newborn and a 22mo toddler without the need for car seat adapters, and not too expensive

Sophia • 16 Dec 2022


I have am expecting in June and my little girl will be 22 months old by then. I need a new pram for both of them. My main use is the school run. I have to drive half way and then walk the rest of the way.

To make it easier I want a double buggy where I can put the baby car seat in without having to put on adapters first. Also, an easy fold one. On the walking path to school, there are some tight spaces where there are metal gates, which may be hard for a side-by-side buggy? I prefer side-by-side to the tandem ones but not sure if I can fit the side-by-side through the gaps.

I have had a look at the City Mini Tour Double and the seat was so narrow my now 15month old could not sit comfortably in it.

Can you recommend anything that will make my life easier for the school run as they are my main use for the pram aside from parks and town..? Also nothing too expensive!

Thank you


Eli • 16 Dec 2022

Hi, Sophia,

Apart from the two very very hard requirements - the adapter-free car seat clicking on (I can't think of one good twin pram with this, to be honest) and the narrow size (even tandems are huge, width of about 60 cm at least, and will be super difficult to maneuver - plus very expensive), I immediately thought of the Valco Snap Duo. It is a light enough double stroller, with nice canopies, and I could fit my 4 years old inside even if it is not a huge seat. Just check it out, it is very different to the City Mini Tour Double as that is one of the smallest ones you can get - so just a very simple, narrow one, for more or less just occasional use. The Snap Duo is 75 cm wide meaning it should fit all standard (80 cm) doorways... but you know better about how wide are the places you need to get to. You WILL need adapters for the car seat however.

Btw then there's the Valco Baby Slim Twin which is even narrower but I'm afraid you will feel it in the seat width a bit already. It is 66 cm wide.

Another good one could be the Baby Jogger City Select Lux, but that is not budget friendly, I'm afraid. With the bench seat, you could fit even a very large toddler, however you WILL need a car seat adaptor again. You can look around for a used one, too, if the money is tight.

And I will also mention the Baby Jogger City Mini Double2 (76,5 cm, needs adapters), Peg-Pérego Book For Two (but it works only with a PP car seat), and the possibility of a buggy board with a seat (e.g. Bumprider, Lascal) or a side seat (narrow, though) called Buggypod.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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