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A mom-to-be in New York looking for a lightweight stroller

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Ree • 21 Jun 2022


I'm a ftm looking into strollers. We live in NYC so would need a stroller good for that. I prefer more lightweight though, not so bulky. What do you suggest?

Eli • 21 Jun 2022

Hi, Ree,

If you need a small but cool, quality full-featured stroller from birth, one of my first options for the city would be a Cybex Mios. Really compact while spacious enough, so if you can get your hands on it, definitely a nice choice.

If a bit larger while still super lightweight works for you, a Bugaboo Fox has larger wheels and overall is urban moms' favorite for all-day, all-terrain (not an extreme terrain, though, but anything that normally comes at you it can go over).

Nice options also include the Uppababy Cruz V2 which is, however, quite long after folding and also a bit heavier, so that I would get only if you needed did not mind the bulkiness as much; the Thule Shine that has a nice sturdy frame and folds nicely; and the Valco Ultra Trend that is super lightweight.

Also, think about your budget as I actually know nothing about that, and if I did not get it right, just write again ^_^

Your -very berry- Eli.

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