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A minimalist stroller for around town and family visits, suitable for a newborn

Heather • 21 Dec 2021

I am on the hunt for the perfect stroller for our situation and I need help!

I don't want a huge stroller (we already have the Thule Urban Glide 2 for trails and running etc. as we live on a dirt road) and I am not sure I can find everything I want in a small, compact travel stroller. Part of my problem is whether I want the stroller to be newborn-friendly, car seat compatible, or not (our car seat is the Clek liing). We do travel throughout the year. Thus, I am starting to think a mid-size stroller would make more sense, and then I could buy a cheaper travel stroller (like a Zoe stroller) for when we do travel more and the baby is older.

Our baby is only 2 months old and I would like to be able to take him in a stroller when I am in town, traveling to visit family, on local trips, etc. without lugging around something gigantic (we are minimalists). We live in Colorado where it can be very cold, windy and snowy.

Ideally the stroller would have a longer seat height to accommodate a taller child, a peekaboo window and extendable canopy (the sun is intense here), all wheel suspension to handle rougher surfaces, and a reclining seat for 2-3 month olds and maybe even newborns! Ideally, the weight would be around 20 lbs. and the handlebar could accommodate myself (5 ft 5 in) and my husband (6 ft tall).

Am I hunting for a unicorn stroller? I have looked at the Nuna Triv, Larktale Coast (short seat), Colugo Complete (maybe too big), Bugaboo Ant, Joolz Aer, LeClerc MF Plus (won't ship to US). Ideally, the cost would $500 or less. Thoughts?

Eli • 22 Dec 2021

Heya, Heather!

Well, I will start with YES, you pretty much are hunting for a unicorn as you want too much from your stroller. A 20 lbs, longer seat, newborn-friendly, with all-wheel suspension, larger hood, and, ideally, an adjustable handlebar, this is super hard to put together. The travel compact strollers, bear in mind, are meant for occasional use, and are limited in their features as well as seat and wheel/suspension size and effects.

My first thought was the Chicco Goody Plus as it's rather ok (no peek-a-boo window, unluckily) for a newborn as well as a taller toddler - read the full Chicco Goody review here if you want to see it "in action". I mean, this is a SIMPLER stroller so don't expect everything from it; some features are limited, they simply must be.

The Joolz Aer is a great option, just not for a newborn. I would actually go for this one, driveability- and quality-wise, just, again, NOT with a baby that doesn't yet sit (so not before 6-8 months at least) - if so, only with the optional bassinet.

The Nuna Triv is not a super compact stroller by far here - and, quality-wise, I would rather think about the Cybex Mios as the compactness and suspension are better, there. Again, this is a larger, reversible stroller so a bit of a different category.

My own advice would be to look for something a bit larger than the first ones but not a reversible one if minimalism is the goal here. Something in the likes of the Uppababy Minu which is a very nice small but quality stroller - almost a buggy, which, however, means a need for a bassinet again. Also, a Baby Jogger City Mini 2 would be a comfy ride for your family.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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