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Alexandra • 11 Nov 2022

Hi Eli,

First of all I'm impressed with this website, it looks very useful and enriching. I have a 2 months old baby and I am looking for our next stroller (for now we have an inherited "bassinet" from Inglesina but in 2-3 months we'll need a new seat / stroller.

I live in Barcelona, we have an active life walking a lot in the city (Barcelona has lots of hills) and on the weekends we always go to the sea side (so we're taking the car almost every weekend). I am trying to choose a stroller but there are so many that I am confused... I think I do not want one of the ultra compacts (e.g Yoyo) because the weels are too small and look a bit "not-robust" from my point of view. So we would go for an intermediate model (not ultracompact and not 4x4 with huge weels).

What would you recommend me? For instance, I looked at the Bugaboo Bee 6 which I think could fit my needs, but it is very expensive... Is it worth it? Also, I would like to ask you about Kinderfraft, their strollers look great, the reviews are also quite good and the price is less than half vs. other brands... what's your opinion on Kinderkraft and which model of Kinderkraft would you recommend me?


Eli • 11 Nov 2022

Hi, Alexandra,

A complex question, and there's no easy answer without a set budget. Also, details like - do you need a reversible seat or other features are missing for me.

I would, in any case, recommend a few models, and you can write again if unsure or having more details. I personally would go for something light but ok for everyday use, that will last you the best From Kinderkraft, it would actually be something like Kinderkraft Grande (LX), which I feel is their best model. They do have reversible seaters however they will be bulkier and I am not sure if better - if, then maybe the All Road but I personally did not like it as much. Overall though expect a lower quality for that price, it just has to be so with such a price difference - especially the fabric and plastics will be visibly cheaper.

From other brands, I would recommend the Oyster Zero, the Valco Ultra Trend (if needing something reversible and light) or rather any Valco Baby pushchair with the SPORT, inflatable wheels, or the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 or Thule Spring as those will tackle terrain better. Maybe also check the ABC Design Avus.

About the Bee6, I would not recommend it. The wheels are just as small as on ultra-compact travel strollers, and they get stuck a lot, especially in the old town. Also, no leg rest means less comfort, and overall I don't find that design as practical, personally. I would MUCH RATHER go for the Cybex Mios, even if pre-owned - the frame is so much more sturdy, the seat, in my opinion, more practical, and even if the same small wheels, a better suspension and overall driveability and curb popping make that stroller a better choice for me personally.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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