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A medium-sizer reversible stroller for a 7.5mo

Miki • 07 Aug 2022

Hi Eli,

I’m from Perth. I’m looking for a medium-sized reversible stroller for my 7.5 months old son. My main purpose is for shopping and some walking. I would prefer the one that I can fold easily and fit into my car boot (Mazda CX3). I couldn’t decide between the Joie Versatrax, Redsbaby Metro 3 Lite and Valco Snap Ultra/tailor made. How would you recommend these (or) are there any other options for me please? My budget is around 700 AUD. Thank you.

Eli • 07 Aug 2022

Hiya, Miki,

The Versatrax is nice in terms of a foldable seat, but it is a wider stroller so you need to count on that. For the features it offers, it is actually a nice choice, and I could recommend it for shopping because of that large basket space as well.

The Valco is great in terms of the low weight, so if you don't mind a slightly bulkier fold it will be nimble and with superb coverage of the hood. I would most probably go for this one if I had the weight as the main criteria.

I would also think about the Cybex Mios, even if a second-hand one, s it is really really small while spacious enough and super comfy to push even on bumpy-ish roads, yes, even with those small-ish wheels. For normal walks and shopping, you'd appreciate the folded size and easy fold a LOT. Also, the Hoolz Hub is a similar nice-to-push, comfort,able and compact option, even pre-loved.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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