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A medium sized, fairly compact folding pram that can handle terrain other than pavements?

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Jay • 01 Oct 2022

Hi, me again! In the end we bought a Chicco Goody Plus for our trips to town (to go along with our Hauck Runner 2 for off road rural use) as we got it for a good price and I like that the Goody seat is fairly upright as a bonus too. However while the Goody is brilliant for frequent use on smooth pavements and small folding for easy transport, I personally find it a bit weak feeling even on short grass parkland or less smooth paths so it isn’t as ideal for mixed holiday use as I’d hoped. So we are now looking to perhaps get something in the middle, pram wise - not as large and all terrain as the Runner (which takes up too much car space to use for more than day trips) but something a bit sturdier / bigger than the Goody that we can still travel with.

What do you think of the Oyster Zero Gravity? I’m in the UK so it should be easy to get hold of, it looks reasonably compact/easy fold to put in the car boot, and seems to have larger/thicker wheels (than the Goody) for some off pavement use. Or do you think it is still too small to manage this?

What would you suggest for more medium size but still fairly compact folding pram that can handle terrain other than pavements? (with the bonus of both a completely lie flat seat for sleeping and a fairly upright position seat if possible too!) I looked at the Thule Spring as well but it doesn’t lie flat unfortunately.

Thanks for your help again!

Eli • 02 Oct 2022

Hiya, Jay,

I personally had the Oyster Zero, not the Gravity one though, with my second, and I actually loved it. Of course, it is a super light pushchair so it won't be a terrain monster, though we used it on grass all the time and we were reasonably happy with it. Also, the seat is super wide so accommodates a larger kid, too. The fold is flat and nice but it definitely will be larger than the Goody, you'll need to count on that. So yeah, I would actually recommend getting one. Oh and, the seat is not completely upright though upright enough, kind of like the goody but with more support in theseating area. My kids never had a problem with that seat.

Many moms around me quite liked the Valco Snap Sport which is super light, no suspension though a flat fold and with those SPORT air filled wheels, just fine on bumps. I had a Snap then the Zero and preferred the ZEro though, to be honres - a better push and overall feeling for me personally.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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