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A lighweight stroller that is compatible with a buggy board

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Olatz • 19 Nov 2022


I am looking for a lightweight stroller that is compatible with a board for my 3 years old and 1-year-old daughters.
I was thinking of Babyzen Yo yo 2, but looking at one of the mums at the nursery, looks like it's not very comfortable when walking.

Would be great to have your advice on any brand you could recommend.

Eli • 20 Nov 2022

Hiya, Olatz,

And does it need to be that small of a stroller? As the Yoyo and similarly sized buggies are actually TRAVEL, occasional use strollers (more about those here), which is why they are much less comfortable for the parents as well as the kids inside. They should not be used for everyday strolling, napping, etc.

If still you'd need that size of a stroller, watch out as the buggy board (more about those here) will put a lot of strain on it, and also will take pretty much all the space for your steps and make the push even less comfortable. You will need a sturdier chassis, which is rare for these, so check out the Ergobaby Metro+ or the Joolz Aer, perhaps, that maybe, maybeee could work for you.

Apart from that, I personally would definitely go for a lightweight but a little larger stroller. Something like an Oyster Zero or a Thule Spring, size and design-wise will hold up much better, and will not be as bad to push (it will never be comfy to push a pushchair with a kid board, though).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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